Brown wine?

I must admit that I am glad for the season change. 2010 was one of the hardest years of my life. I experienced many challenges and unexpected turns in the road. Nonetheless, a lot of really "fruitful" things transpired as well.

I recently watched a movie called, "Bottle Shock" about the Napa Valley wine industry and how it became what it is today. There is a scene in the movie where the main character believes that he produced one of his worst vintages and that his whole livelihood is going down the drain as a result. His Chardonnay was brown. (If you know anything about wine, Chardonnay is supposed to be clear.) He has the entire batch picked up to be thrown in the dump. However, his son took one of the bottles and had it tested. He found out, this wine was actually a rare, sought after wine and that the color would change to normal in a couple of days.
As the story goes (which is based on a true story), they find out that the wine was actually sold to a bartender down the street who was a good friend of their family. It was completely salvaged.

I feel like that describes much of 2010 for me. The color looked brown but it is already clearing up. Those difficult things, over time will produce one of the most rare, life changing years ever.