Life needs theme songs

I realized (again) that small things enhance our experience greatly and increase our sense of inspiration. I've been working on some new writings lately. I decided to make a play list specifically to serve as backdrop music for my writing sessions. So each time I've sat down to write on this project, I've lit a little fragrant oil lamp I have on my desk and played this soundtrack. It has made all the difference. Suddenly, I'm not fishing for ideas but the words on the page are coming alive. Maybe the writing isn't as good as the cinematic background makes it appear, but it sure helps give it the atmosphere to grow in.
I used to do this ceremoniously back in the day. But everyday life has a way of putting strangle holds on the tiny rituals of delight if we aren't careful to nurture those moments. Every ordinary thing is waiting to be transformed into something magnificent if we take thought to dress it for the occasion.