What praises?

"What praises God? That which is like him. Thus, everything in the soul which is like God praises God. Whatever is at all unlike God does not praise God. In the same way, a statue praises the artist who has imprinted on it all the art that he has in his mind, thus making it so very like his conception. The similarity of the work of art to the artist's conception praises the master of the work without words." - Meister Eckhart

I want to be like your conception of me God. I want to co labor in your creative work by coming into agreement with your concepts and designs for my life. In beautiful surrender, I want to become what you have desired of me. In the same way I yearn for songs and poetry to flow out from my inner being as I've envisioned them, let my life bring praise to you in being what you conceived of me before I was ever born.