True vs. False Revolution

Here is an excerpt from a journal entry concerning the nature of revolution and those who lead them.

You cannot determine that you "want" to be a revolutionary and then set out to find causes you want to change. Patterning oneself after inspiring examples of those who legitimately served a cause does not make you the same essence as the hero. Left unchecked, this can actually lead to becoming inauthentic.

Instead, you begin with a burden you are called to carry; a cause you cannot shake, an issue that you lose sleep over until it is resolved, brought to justice or excelled toward its potential.

After you've been gripped, you begin to seek and discover ways of presentation that will wake up, shake up even offend if need be, those who need to encounter the truth of your cause. Holy agitators. you craft your character around your passion.

An infatuation with "revolution" will never see lasting results. It will only become a lip service or a self fueled campaign of personal ambition.

Find your passion, then find your voice.

One of the problems with many "revolutionary" minded leaders and spokesmen is the tendency of bitterness and criticism toward the perceived enemy.

You cannot build a positive, advancing entity or movement from a negative base. At best you will build a puny little kingdom of self that must always be guarded, always on the defence, never embracing new ideas.

A true revolution, though it may be sparked or provoked by an injustice; a wrong needed to be made right, must be founded on a positive, redemptive, restorative alternative. It must contain a vision for the change it seeks. It cannot successfully rant against a system without offering a solution or an alternative. you cannot tear down without plans to rebuild.

You have to have a love for righteousness, not just a hatred for injustice. You must show the way. True revolutionaries lay down their lives for the cause. (My leader showed me that by example). You must lead by example and call people to follow what they see - because they will only follow what they see before they follow what you say.