Go fly or something ok?

Two nights ago I awoke about 2 a.m. and came downstairs to my music room.  I began to feel the inspiration to work on a song I've been calling "Golden Summer".   The lyric that came out in the middle of the night was simple yet profound.  "Gravity surely winked at me when the doubter's heads were turned".  The implication is that nothing is impossible for those who believe.  It suggests the ability to fly. 
This morning I woke from a dream experience that filled my lungs with the breath of life.  I was caught up in the Spirit and was literally flying over a dark ocean at night.  There are many other details I won't go into here, but the experience was so real I was convinced of the ability to fly.  As I began to descend back to the earth,  I knew I had been flying upon a word. I searched for the word to sustain me in flight but it was time to return to the earth.  The scene changed and I saw my body lying on the pavement (in Chapel Hill for some reason). I re-entered my own body and the dream continued from there.
My point in sharing is not so much the dream itself, but the fact that two nights prior, I unknowingly prepared my heart to receive this experience, simply because I professed lyrically that nothing is possible for those who believe.  I made the statement from my heart that "gravity winked at me".  Two nights later, I took flight.

Moral of the story - What we profess greatly impacts what we experience.  Speak Life.  Speak the Impossible. 

Go fly or something.