Slow Cooker

I'm learning that when we are overly focused on the product instead of the process, we often stifle the quality of our art.  Whenever I am more concerned about finishing a song or a piece of writing, I don't give myself the freedom to play and explore different options. 

A little advice for myself that perhaps you could benefit from as well.  Don't grow up too fast.  Take time to play.  Don't commit too soon.  Forget about the end results.  the well won't dry up.

I have a song structure I've been playing with this week.  It started on the banjo, made its way to the piano and was introduced to the dulcimer just this morning.  I've decided not to get too excited about it and share the idea prematurely.  I have often stumbled in this in the past. 

Sometimes sharing an unfinished piece of work may give the encouragement or perspective needed to take it further, but more often times than not, I've found it doesn't warrant a helpful response until the piece is able to stand on its own. 

Let it rest in the slow cooker.  Intentionally meditate on a piece and think through different options. Even if you've found some you like.  Don't settle too quickly.  See what the piece might become without the pressure of finishing it.