Things I've learned the hard way by being in a band

Five ways how Not to introduce your song ideas to your band mates.

1. Present the song before it has been developed enough to get the point across.
2. Present the song without first asking if they will listen.
3. Present the song when they are distracted by other things.
4. Present the song for the purpose of seeking their approval.
5. Present the song with a list of disclaimers before sharing it.     

Five ways how to shut down confidence in your friend's songwriting.

1.  Immediately spout out the names of other artists or songs the idea reminds you of.
2.  Make light of the idea.  Make a parody of the lyrics. 
3.  Damn it with faint praise, offer no feedback, succumb to distraction amidst the sharing of it.
4.  After listening, immediately grab the guitar to share your own song idea.
5.  Tell them it doesn't work before giving it a fair shot.