Cartographer's Pen

I am scattered again   
                   Across cities,
                         And residents -

In sifted words
That break apart like continents;
Like young lovers who grew up too soon.

                          Help me make a place for you
In sequestered letters
Breathing hollow
The vowels that bore them meaning

       I am gathered again
To family & friends
       The blood of longing
Runs richly through
       Our veins

Stories canvas the night air
We roam neon boulevards
‘til weary, we remember home

                         Help me make a place for you
Sturdy as the evensong
Sturdy as the wind carries me
Like parachutes
Beyond all that has come & now is gone
                           To seed the cities
                            With the ashes of my days
In furrowed lines, a cartographer’s pen
I am scattered again.