The Breath & The Clay 2015

We hosted our first Breath & Clay gathering in February of 2014. It was a weekend event full of incredible art, music and keynote speakers. Our hardworking community of friends put it together on a shoestring budget in less than two months time. The response we received exceeded our highest expectations.
People’s lives were changed. Those who never thought of themselves as “creative” gained a liberating perspective, awakening the artist within. Everyone who attended left inspired to pursue the impossible with confidence.
Throughout the year, I continued to receive emails asking when we were going to host another gathering. Honestly, I wasn’t sure we were going to, but it quickly became apparent to me that this was bigger than anything I had intended on my own. This is part of a greater movement of creative awakening taking place worldwide.
The creative impulse is at heart of our humanity. It is the reflection and image of God within us. To connect with this part of who we are is to engage one of the primal callings we share as individuals and as sons and daughters of God. To liberate the creative spark within us all is to take one step closer to seeing the earth bear the resemblance of heaven.

- Stephen Roach