Stories Are the Soul of Things

As a general rule, I try not to keep anything that doesn't have a story attached to it.  Stories are the soul of things. When our bodies return to the dust we are made of, we return to the word that first uttered us into being.  

We ourselves become words, we become stories.  All that remains are our stories. At least from earth's point of view. 
I am a firm believer that bushes are always catching fire unbeknownst to us. Wonder is always present in the most unexpected places if we can only find the courage to look for it. 

I must confess, my own life of late has not reflected this belief... At all.  However, today, I saw a bush catch fire on the side of the road. It came in the form of a random bookshelf on the curb in the middle of a neighborhood.  There was a sign above it that read "free books".  It was sort of like the "drink me" sign from Alice in Wonderland.
I pulled my car over shining my headlights on the books. (Actually I had seen the shelf earlier in the day and made a point to return). 

I asked God for just one book, one encouragement to remind me wonder is still alive and real. God give me just one book to remind me that bushes are still catching fire.
 I found this book on the shelf and immediately took it with me. I don't know whether or not the words inside will mean anything but the title and the book itself serves as a symbol to remind me that, yes, wonder is still alive and bushes are still catching fire. 
We all need a touch of wonder.