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Intuition and Intention

Often when we are involved in the creative process our decisions are based off of either intuition or intention.

Intuition is the internal sense of knowing that isn't necessarily based off of calculated reasoning. Intuition is good for the creative process because it reaches past the known into things unseen & un-experienced. It transcends the boundaries of our present tense. Intuition reaches into hidden, unexplored dimensions and reveals a spontaneous creativity. It brings this unexpected, un-experienced element into a tangible sphere.

Left to itself, a totally intuitive based creative act can lack definition and form. This is one place where intention is necessary to take the creative act to a "higher level".

Intention takes our intuitive creations to a more acute level of communication. It shapes the creation into a concrete expression more readily grasped by those engaging the art.

There was a time when I was afraid to touch a song or poem after the initial spark of inspiration that came to me. I thought that would be putting human fingerprints on an otherwise God given creation.

To be fair, there are creations that come in a moment of inspiration and are best left in the state they first came to us in. I have several songs and poems that I've barely touched and they do carry a particular beauty about them because of that. However, more times than not, when left without further refinement, the song or poem never reaches its fullest potential.

I think, in the end, I am learning that the practical and the "mystical", the intuitive and the intended are designed to work together to create something beyond their individual contribution.